cropped-1510461634742.jpgI am a southern girl, born and raised, mom, career hairstylist, vegetarian/sometime vegan. No longer behind the chair, I wanted to find a way to share exceptional quality, cruelty free products with my friends and family, without recommending mass produced retail with harmful chemicals.

I’m fortunate enough to have used many professional brands over the years, but a $50 shampoo is not always affordable or sensible to everyone. Through extensive research and hands on experience, I have designed several products using botanical extracts procured only from local, USA, or European suppliers/growers. You’ll find everything on the label and will appreciate seeing organic, biodegradable, no dioxene, no formaldehyde releasers, naturally derived, ecocert, no gmo ingredients on the list. My products are even preserved with a plant derived broad spectrum system (coconut) ensuring the upmost safety and a shelf life of about a year.

I welcome feedback and questions!


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Immortelle Hair Oil

Its a beautiful overcast day today here in Dixie. My next project is this protective and repairing oil for the hair. Immortelle, Frankincense, Rosehip Seed and more. Leaves the hair with a soft, natural shine (glow!), not a heavy and weighted down look or feel you will get from synthetics that simply mask mechanical and chemical damage.

$10.88 1oz glass bottle

Made to order. #helichrysum #immortelle #Europeanflowers #botanicals #organic #essentialoils #frankincense #vegan #nogmos #smallbiz #madeintx #locallyownedIMG_20171116_114519_846

Shipping out today!

Thank you so much for my first orders, I cant tell you how much it means to me.

Purchase any 4oz size, and I’ll send you a 2oz of your choice for free.

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Organic Marshmallow Root Detangler and Heat Protector.

I had been working on (and trying) different formulas for this, and as a stylist, I always wanted a product that would actually benefit the scalp and the hair.

Organic marshmallow root, matcha, aloe and avocado and grapeseed oils. The oils are light enough to use on the scalp, the ends are softened. Leaves a really light, flowy texture to the hair and the essential oil blend with geranium and patchouli lingers throughout the day.

Apply fearlessly from root to the ends. Encourages healthy regrowth of longer, stronger hair, assists a great blowout.

4oz $10.88 amber glass spray bottle. Shake well.

#noparabens #nosynthetics #sulfatefree #crueltyfree #texasmadeIMG_20171109_132633_433

For winter dry hair, here’s the remedy

Made this as a special order today, and I’m so happy with it, I’m going to make more.

This is a deep moisturizing masque for dry hair, no protein. My favorite base of organic aloe, green tea and marshmallow extracts with naturally derived guar silk, olive, shea butter, rosehip seed, avocado, meadowfoam seed oils. No parabens, no hormone interrupters, synthetic scents or colors, silicones, IMG_20171107_134414_585dioxenes, or sulfates ever, and always cruelty free.

Convenient 2oz jar $8


Traditional Apothecary Green Tea Masque

cropped-20171110_090343.jpgThis masque has excellent detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Made with matcha, edelweiss, marshmallow root powder, honey and aloe vera gel, it applies smoothly. Great for break outs and an anti-aging treat. Rosehip seed and and vitamin rich avocado oil leave the skin nourished and refreshed.

Nothing synthetic added, no gmos, cruelty free, and I use only plant derived broad spectrum systems to preserve my products. ❤

2oz / $8.00 Made to order!

Cleanser, Deep Conditioner, Marshmallow Root Heat Proecter and Detangler

These are the first 3 items I have completed, and are available to ship in 1 business day. Made to order.

Cleanser is  rich and foaming, with a gentle, plant derived surfactant. Will not strip hair color as the pH is 5. 5. Green tea extract, Lychee, Edelweiss, and Quinoa protein nourish and stregthen. $10.88. 4 oz.

The Deep Conditioner is based on 9 botanical extracts and oils that I love, leaves the hair soft and nourished, not weighed down. Meadowfoam Seed, Flax Seed, Green and White Tea and many more. $12.88 4 oz.

The Marshmallow Root Detangler/Heat protector naturally detangles the hair due to the mucilage in the organic marshmallow root. I added a nice blend of Avacodo, Grapeseed oil and Quinoa Protein to protect the hair from any heat styling. Awesome for long hair. $10.88. 2 or 4oz.

Next up is a styling crème, facial oil, and body lotion!

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